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DTV.Qx20 - Header Profile.png
DTV.Qx20 - Top Profile.png

20-Round Quad Clip DeTurk Vest

The 20-Round Quad Clip DeTurk Vest is the perfect hybrid between the Regular and Lite vest versions. With upgradeable capacity and the stability gained by the larger 15" long backer, the DTV.Qx20 is undoubtedly a game-changer.

Based on a collaboration between Invictus Practical and DeTurk, the backer of this caddy is made from lightweight, strong, and flexible Kydex® to make sure you are running and gunning for years to come.

Mounting solutions are as unique as the vest itself. With a traditional configuration, you can use the included 2” by 60” nylon webbing belt for worry-free mounting. Utilize the two included 8” strips of neoprene foam on the back of the vest to provide even more grip when it really counts. Need a drop leg? Say no more, with the added holes on the vest, simply remove the pre-installed nylon webbing belt from the horizontal position and place it, or your own belt of choice, through the vertically integrated slots for a seamless transition to a drop-leg. This vest isn’t a one-trick pony either, use the mounting holes located within the vest to either mount it in a drop-leg configuration on a belt attachment device, or with the purchase of the MOD_DTV-MOLLE system you can quickly and painlessly take advantage of MOLLE webbing for a mounting solution.

Each caddy uses our “Quad Clip” giving you a perfect scenario for both Quad-Loading or Load-Two techniques.

DTV.Qx20 - Front Profile.png
DTV.Qx20 - Side Profile.png

Injection molded clips only available for 12GA models

Small. But Tough.

A Great Specimen for Any Collection

Double Date Anyone?

These precision-made, injection-molded Quad Clips won't stand you up and are certainly reliable. Don't fret about getting dropped, these puppies are clingers.

What a perfect pair.

Break a clip, we'll replace it.

Quad Clip - Part B - Front-Bottom.png
Quad Clip - Part A - Top Front Left_edited.png
Quad Clip - Part B - Front-Bottom.png
Quad Clip - Part A - Top Front Left_edited.png

So What's In the Box?

DTV.Qx20 - Home Profile.png



DeTurk Vest Backer - Regular
8ight Clips
8ight Clip Vest Adapter
1/2" Stainless Steel Screws
Nylon Locknut
2" x 60" Nylon Webbing Belt

5.08 x 152.4 cm


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