DeTurk Vest - Quad Clip Series

Developed and produced in conjunction with one of today's top shooters - Dean DeTurk - Invictus Practical is proud to introduce the DeTurk Vest: a unique chest-mounted shotshell platform that combines the lightweight stability and flexibility of Dean's Kydex backer plate with the proven performance of Invictus Practical Quad Clips, 6ix Clips or 8ight Clips (your choice) to create the perfect platform to Quad-Load or Load-Two from the chest.


Available in capacities from 18 to 32 rounds; modular, expandable and reconfigurable to meet your evolving needs; and at just 15" wide by 5" tall, the DeTurk Vest sets the new standard for chest-mounted performance and value.

DeTurk Vest - Quad Clip Series

PriceFrom $169.50
Load Capacity
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