8ight Plate

The Invictus Practical AARM/S 8ight Plate is an eight-round shotshell caddy system based on the incredibly compact "8ight Plate" - equally suited to both the Quad-Load and Load-Two techniques - which attaches to one Tek-Lok, TMMS, ELS or MLS (sold separately) via a  low-profile Basic Plate with a serrated lock washer, 10-32 screw, and nyloc nut - all in 18-8 stainless - for max torque, adjustment range and per-shell value.



12 Gauge or 20 Gauge

Quad-Load & Load-Two

Mod_1.A One-Point Axle hardware

Mod_BP Basic Plate

Mod_0.A Direct-Attach hardware (included)

- to attach Coupling Bar to Tek-Lok, ELS, TMMS, MLS & more (sold separately)

8ight Plate