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Goldilocks Approves

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24-Round 8ight Clip DeTurk Vest

The 24-Round 8ight Clip DeTurk Vest is the perfect middle ground for those looking for a high-capacity chest rig without adding a significant amount of weight to themselves.

Based on a collaboration between Invictus Practical and DeTurk, the backer of this caddy is made from lightweight, strong, and flexible Kydex® to make sure you are running and gunning for years to come.

Mounting solutions are as unique as the vest itself. With a traditional configuration, you can use the included 2” by 60” nylon webbing belt for worry-free mounting. Utilize the two included 8” strips of neoprene foam on the back of the vest to provide even more grip when it really counts. Need a drop leg? Say no more, with the added holes on the vest, simply remove the pre-installed nylon webbing belt from the horizontal position and place it, or your own belt of choice, through the vertically integrated slots for a seamless transition to a drop-leg. This vest isn’t a one-trick pony either, use the mounting holes located within the vest to either mount it in a drop-leg configuration on a belt attachment device, or with the purchase of the MOD_DTV-MOLLE system you can quickly and painlessly take advantage of MOLLE webbing for a mounting solution.

Each caddy uses our “8ight Clip” giving you a perfect scenario for both Quad-Loading or Load-Two techniques.

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Injection molded clips only available for 12GA models

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Clip King

The Holy Grail of Clips. 

Seriously Grippy.

Precision injection molding ensures repeatable, accurate tension specs.

Stop worrying about dropped shells. We've got your back

Break a clip, we'll replace it.


Live The King

So What's In the Box?

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DeTurk Vest Backer
8ight Clips
8ight Clip Vest Adapter
1/2" Stainless Steel Screws
Nylon Locknut
2" x 60" Nylon Webbing Belt

5.08 x 152.4 cm


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