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8ighty 8ight Kit

Twins Basil

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Injection molded clips only available for 12GA models

8ighty 8ight Kit

With a name like Eighty 8ight (88), you know this setup means business.

Doubling up on the capacity by way of a coupling bar. This two for one special keeps you in the fight longer. 

Using our unique coupling bar system with user bendable ends, you can fit the rig to your body; not the other way around.

Mount the coupling bar vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Then pivot each 8ight Plate using the included 1-Point attachment hardware for the ultimate balance between capacity and comfort.

Suited for both Quad-Loading and Load-Two techniques in both 12GA & 20GA capacities.


Clip King

The Holy Grail of Clips. 

Seriously Grippy.

Precision injection molding ensures repeatable, accurate tension specs.

Stop worrying about dropped shells. We've got your back

Break a clip, we'll replace it.


Live The King

So What's In the Box?

88 - Top Profile.png

8ighty 8ight Hardware

Crossbar - Long.png


8ight Plate Individual
8ight Clips
1/2" Stainless Steel Screws
Nylon Lock Nuts
Coupling Bar long


One-Point Hardware



1/2" 10-32 Screw
Grey Fiber Washer
Belleville Spring Washer 
10-32 Nylon Lock Nut


Direct Attachment Hardware


3/8" Blind Binding Post
1/4" Screw
3/8" Screw
3/16" Nylon Spacer


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