The Invictus Practical AARM/S Dedicated Load-Two family is a unique shotshell caddy system built from the ground up to provide the absolute best - and most adjustable - platform available for the Load-Two technique.


With each pair of shotshells retained on a separate shell plate - each independently-adjustable for angle, height, and lateral spacing - and fastened using the absolute best hardware available (all 18-8 stainless, hand-selected after extensive testing and evaluation for the highest-torque possible), the Dedicated Load-Two line is as close as you can get to perfect for the Load-Two technique, if you value the flexibility to tune each shell "grab" to your ideal angle above all else.


New "Two-Point" units attach to an ELS #34 fork or Tek-Lok (your choice, included) at two points via an innovative adapter that provides a full 360˚ of rotation in 15˚ increments - combining unprecedented stability with extraordinary flexibility to meet your unique needs

Classic "One-Point" units group multiple shell plates together to one Tek-Lok, TMMS, ELS or MLS (sold separately) via a user-bendable "coupling bar" and serrated lock washers, 10-32 screws, and nyloc nuts - all in 18-8 stainless - for max torque, adjustment range and per-shell value

Introducing the world's first purpose-designed 20 GAUGE

Quad-Load and Load-Two shell clips - compatible and interchangeable with all IP 12GA units.  See product pages for details and availability.

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