8ight Plates

The Invictus Practical AARM/S 8ight Plate family (just pronounce it "eight") is a unique eight-round shotshell caddy system built around the incredibly compact "8ight Plate" - just 3.56" wide by 5.00" long - which holds eight shells and is equally suited to both the Quad-Load and Load-Two techniques.


Featuring an innovative, purpose-designed shell clip which nests shells so close that their rims touch - yet retains each shell independently - and utilizing a one-of-a-kind 15˚ arc that keeps the rest of the shells down and out of your way until you're ready for them, the 8ight Plate is already changing the way our game thinks about shotgun loading.


New "Two-Point" units attach to an ELS #34 fork, TMMS, or Tek-Lok (your choice, included) at two points via an innovative adapter that provides a full 360˚ of rotation in 15˚ increments - combining unprecedented stability with extraordinary flexibility to meet your unique needs

Robust "Straight / Square" units attach directly to an ELS #34 fork, MLS #16 fork, TMMS inner, or Tek-Lok (your choice, included) via two 18-8 stainless binding posts for the simplest, strongest, lowest-profile solution possible - which will never, ever, rotate

Classic "One-Point" units group multiple shell plates together to one Tek-Lok, TMMS, ELS or MLS (sold separately) via a user-bendable "coupling bar" and serrated lock washers, 10-32 screws, and nyloc nuts - all in 18-8 stainless - for max torque, adjustment range and per-shell value

Introducing the world's first purpose-designed 20 GAUGE

Quad-Load and Load-Two shell clips - compatible and interchangeable with all IP 12GA units.  See product pages for details and availability.

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