Introducing the NEW R12Q Quad-Load (& Load-Two) Shotshell Caddy!


I'm very excited to formally announce the newest addition to the IP AARM/S shotshell caddy lineup: the Rack-12Q!


Developed as an evolution of the original 12Q in conjunction with N.E.R.D., the new R12Q represents the next step forward in the Quad-Load game;  building on the same unmatched performance & value of the original, we simplified, streamlined & lightened the unit, and added the world's first fully-adjustable outboard cant angle system to fit each and every shooter like a glove.


Uniquely adjustable in virtually every regard, including Shell Plate rotation angle; ride height; shell clip spacing; and - for the very first time - outboard cant angle adjustment, Invictus Practical is proud to add the new R12Q to the lineup of our very best, to help you make your best, better.


Thanks again for stopping by - please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything I can do for you, and as always, good shooting!


- KP


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November 14, 2015


A Word on Thievery


Fellow Shooters,


It has recently come to my attention that knockoff artists operating out of Hong Kong, China have reverse-engineered a number of Invictus Practical designs, which are now being marketed for sale internationally on airsoft websites and eBay under the moniker “FMA Practical.”  These counterfeits, though inferior to genuine IP caddies in virtually every regard - including materials, hardware, finishing, packaging and pre-assembly - nevertheless infringe a number of trademark and copyright intellectual properties I have put my heart and soul into developing for the competition shooting community over the past three years.


And despite false rumors unscrupulously spread to the contrary, all genuine IP products have, are and always will be proudly 100% made in the USA: shell clips laser-cut in California, aluminum plates laser-cut in Nashville, hard-anodized in Huntsville Alabama, and assembled and shipped from right here in Hendersonville Tennessee.


While it is virtually impossible to stop these pirates at the source, major US websites such as eBay and FaceBook have proven honorable in their defense of US intellectual property rights holders, removing dozens of illegitimate listings and posts over the past several weeks at my request, once identified and reported.  And though many battles have largely been won thus far, the war will no doubt continue for long to come, so any and all assistance fighting these rogues - most importantly, by bringing counterfeit product listings & advertisements on US websites like eBay, Amazon and FaceBook to my attention - will be absolutely invaluable and greatly appreciated.


It continues to be a tremendous honor and my greatest pleasure to serve the practical shooting market by developing and offering the best products I can produce for you to use, enjoy and win with.  Without your loyalty, faith and support, neither I nor any of the multitude of other legitimate, US-based small businesses would be able to continue serving this sport we all love.  My hope is that the greatest group of folks on the planet - shooters - will continue to stand behind us as we stand behind you, so we can all enjoy our game together for years to come.


Thanks again - good luck, Godspeed, and as always, good shooting!


- KP


See Terms / "Shipping" for details

MSRP Featured Product



12 Gauge

Quad-Load & Load-Two

5x pairs of Quad Clips

Only 10.5" wide by 5" high

Flexible Kydex backer conforms to your chest as you adjust the

   nylon web belt (included)

MSRP Featured Product



12 Gauge

Quad-Load & Load-Two

Mod_2.A 2-Point Adapter

Includes Blade-Tech Tek-Lok


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